Participating in a committee – what’s in it for you?

Participation in a committee is a long-term investment in your competences and the competitiveness of your business.


Participation in a committee provides early insight into the standards that directly influence the requirements for your products, production, and processes. This gives you a direct competitive edge. Your business will avoid wrong investments and can start adjusting early, and you will be ready when the final standard meets the light of day. Your competitors will first have to decide on the new requirements.


The committee contributes to developing future national and international standards, thus having direct influence on some of the requirements to be encountered in the market. Having a voice here will help you influence standards in a direction that is beneficial to your particular business.

Market position

Participation in a committee strengthens the market position of your business. It signals that you and your business are professionally committed, competent and ambitious in your line of business. This will enhance your credibility with customers and partners.

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