Customer testimonials

What customers say about Standard Distribute.

Easy and accessible!

Standard Distribute is accessible when and where you need it. The user-friendly structure provides you with easy access to standards and other work documents you need.

» Before we got the system, it was so difficult to find standards that people almost gave up trying – Today it takes 1 or 2 clicks, and people have what they need. « Jeanette Ekstrøm, DTU (Technical University of Denmark) 

Always updated!

You will receive an automatic notice when a standard in your collection is withdrawn.

» It is smart that you don’t have to spend time on keeping track of updates and withdrawals, but can feel certain that we always have the newest versions of the standards. « Lisbeth Sørensen, Niras

» After having implemented Standard Distribute, we are sure to only order the standard once, and we always know where to find it. « Anne Waarst, Cowi