Regulation 1025, Work Programme and SMEs

Danish Standards is the official Danish national standardisation organisation according to the EU Regulation on European Standardisation, 1025/2012. As such Danish Standards coordinates Danish involvement in European standardization within CEN, CENELEC and ETSI, and Danish Standards adopts European Standards as national standards.

In order to provide transparency in European standardization and identify and avert technical barriers to trade in a timely manner, there is a systematic exchange of information on new national standards projects among CEN and CENELEC members based on the criteria of the EU Regulation 1025/2012.

Here you can ...

... see the work programme with new proposals for home grown national Danish standards at different stages by pushing the upper Show all button.

... visit our inquiry portal for all proposals for national standards including proposals for European and international standards that are currently under public inquiry.

... see or buy published national standards, including out adoptions of European or international standard.

All interested parties can participate in the development of standards. Danish Standards carry out various activities in order to facilitate the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and make it easier for SMEs to get access to the final standards. You can read more about Danish Standards’ support to SMEs here: SME reports – (NB the reports are in danish).


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