Obtain an overview of standards

We develop and revise standards on a current basis. You can see the work programmes both for relevant standards and for draft standards.

See work programmes

We offer our customers influence on the development of new standards and on the revision of existing standards. A list of all standards being developed or revised is available if you wish to learn more about the work programme for the individual standards. It is also possible to see the standards connected to a certain committee.

See draft standards

It is possible to see which national, international and European standards are submitted for public enquiry. Once you have logged onto the site, you can access all proposals for commenting free of charge. Your comments will be addressed by the relevant committee. You can subscribe to the proposals for enquiry and receive an e-mail whenever there is a new proposal within your area of interest. For further details, see our website.

Information for SMEs on standardisation

As a representative of an SME (small or medium-sized enterprise), you can take part in standardisation work at a reduced price. You also have the possibility of participating in one of our courses on CE marking without charge. We have gathered our different offers for SMEs together with relevant information. Learn more about our different offers.


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