Standards subscription services

Do you have the newest version of a standard? We offer to monitor your standards, which means that you will receive an e-mail notification when an updated version is released.

Keeping track of updates can be time-consuming. You can subscribe to automatic monitoring of your standards and get an electronic message when an updated version is released. This subscription is free of charge for standards implemented in Denmark, i.e. the contents are similar to those in the EN or ISO standard that can be purchased in another country. But the title reflects its implementation in Denmark, for instance DS/EN or DS/ISO.

You can order the monitoring service at the same time as ordering a standard in our webshop. You are also welcome to contact us by email or telephone.


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Monitoring of Danish standards

Monitoring of Danish standards

You can choose to have us keep track of either single standards or a whole subject group of standards.

Subscribe to foreign standards

Subscribe to foreign standards

You can subscribe to monitoring of foreign standards, i.e. standards not implemented in Denmark. When a new version of the standard is released, you will automatically receive a message in your inbox.