Let us help you find out how standards and management systems can support your business and bring you one step closer to your goals.

Kickstart the standardization

When processes must be modified and habits broken and replaced by new ones, some good advice can help you kickstart the process. Our consultants provide guidance within all fields of businesses and industries. With several types of consulting services, there will surely be one that fits exactly your company’s need.


Lotte Dyppel
Lotte Dyppel Afdelingschef | Head of Department
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Consultancy services


If you seek inspiration or concrete knowledge about working with management systems, we offer private workshops tailored to your company. They can address a specific standard or be based on a High-Level Structure-perspective (HLS), which focuses on the interaction and work with several management systems.


The workshops might include an introduction to building a management system or planning the future work with your management systems. We arrange workshops for top management, quality departments and the like.


Additionally, we have several courses on management systems where participants from various companies attend.


A GAP-analysis identifies possible gaps that must be taken care of in order to comply with the management systems that your company employ or wish to employ. The analysis identifies which areas you must focus on to embed your strategic and tactic objectives and operational activities – whether you wish to go all the way to certification or wish to get an effective tool to improve your results.


Furthermore, we focus on the value, of which management systems apply to your organization and give inspiration to future development- and improvement opportunities, that can increase the effect and value of the systems.  


Self-evaluation through internal audits is an integrated part of the management system. Our consultants educate your employees to conduct the internal audits, enabling the employees to manage the audits themselves.


For some colleagues, the internal audit may be transgressive. Therefore, we also focus on what we call “the good audit”. Through a combination of courses and practical training, where you follow one of our consultants in an audit, you will gain knowledge of questioning techniques and the dynamics between the participants. Afterwards you will be able to try out the methods yourself.


If preferred, we can conduct your internal audit for you. 

360° measurement of a management system

With a 360-degree measurement, your company achieves specific knowledge about which areas in your management system you could develop and improve.


We have developed a digital questionnaire that measures the efficiency and value of your management system within environment, work environment, quality, energy, health, etc. The questionnaire includes approx. 30 questions within the 10 areas that are most important for the efficiency and business value of a management system. You choose which internal and external target groups we send the questionnaire to.


Learn more about the 360-degree measurement of a management system.

Strategic feedback

Professional feedback can be one of the means of better and more rewarding use of management systems. Our consultants are experts in working with requirements specifications, implementation and development within all the major management systems, and enables your company to cover all parts of the process – with your business in focus.


The feedback is a continuous process that allows you to see, hear and experience the daily work with management systems, so that the coaching based on your company’s specific situation. The feedback could be done with top management or with the manager of the management system.