CE marking

What is CE marking?

Do you need help getting started with CE marking? Or do you have a CE marked product and have questions about the requirements related to the CE mark? Then Danish Standards can help.

Which product groups are to be CE marked? Step by step

Getting started

Let us guide you through the principles of CE marking step by step. We explain many of the words used in the context of CE marking, and you can get answers to the questions you typically have when you embark on CE marking. We give you an introduction to the various directives and product areas, and you get access to overviews of harmonized standards, which are an essential tool in the CE marking process. 

In the case of CE marking of construction products, we recommend that you also consult byggevareinfo.dk.


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What is to be CE marked?

Toys, machinery and electrical appliances are all examples of products to be CE marked.

Common to them is that they belong under one of the directives for which the European Union has adopted CE marking. Each product directive covers a number of product groups; for example, lifting gear and appliances is a product group under the Machinery Directive. The product groups in the directives have been selected to focus particularly on safety, health and the environment. 

Only products marketed or put into use in the EU are to be CE marked.

Which product groups are to be CE marked?

There is a range of products and equipment that must have the CE mark before they can be placed on the market, sold and put into use in EU and EEA countries. These include toys, machinery, electrical appliances and medical products. A product may be covered by several directives, just as one directive may cover many products.

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CE marking – step by step

We take you through the ten steps of the procedure, step by step, and introduce you to the principles of CE marking of a product. CE marking is not just about affixing a CE mark to a product. When you CE mark, you also assume responsibility that your product complies with the law.

How much does it cost to CE mark a product?

Unless it is necessary to involve a third party, the only cost is the time it takes to prepare the technical documentation and put the label on the product.

CE Mark – Logo

Get information about the CE mark itself (the logo), including its dimensions and position.


What is UKCA marking?

The new UKCA marking (UK Conformity Assessment) is Great Britain’s product marking, which is to be the equivalent of CE marking, but only valid in Great Britain.

The UKCA mark will be introduced from January 2021 for a range of products being placed on the market in Great Britain. The new marking is applicable to most goods already subject to CE marking requirements as well as to some other categories. You can see the product categories here and further down the page.

Harmonized standards

The EU directives impose general requirements for safety and health. The more technical specifications are given in the harmonized standards. By following the harmonized standards, you are sure to meet the essential health and safety requirements of the directives.