Facility Management

Standards for procurement and purchasing, outsourcing, and the development, conclusion and management of facility management agreements, etc.

Service standards
DS/CEN/TS 15379: Terminology and services within building management

This document defines the practices of building management (BM) and building inspection. The definitions in the document define terms in the field of building management in order to provide greater transparency on the market. The document does not purport to describe building management systems.


Building services for technical building management are stated in this document.


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DS/EN 15221-3: Guidance on quality in Facility Management

This document provides guidance on how to measure, achieve and continually improve the quality of facility management (FM) agreements. The standard gives additional guidance on DS/EN ISO 9001 Quality management systems - Requirements, and DS/EN 15221-2:2008 Facility Management-Part 2: Guidance on how to prepare Facility Management agreements DS/EN 15221-2:2008 has been replaced by DS/EN ISO 41012:2018


The standard is relevant to all types of public and private FM agreements, but not to private consumers, irrespective of subject and industry.


The standard does not replace the organization's quality management system; nor does it contain templates, requirements, measuring tools or is a prerequisite for certification (e.g. DS/EN ISO 9001). The standard should be used in combination with DS/EN ISO 15221-2 "Guidance on how to prepare Facility Management agreements".


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DS/EN 15221-5: Guidance on Facility Management processes

The standard provides guidance to all interested parties involved in facility management (FM), in particular service providers and their customers. The standard concerns the development and improvement of processes in support of the primary business activities.


It also:


- sets out basic principles
- describes high-level generic FM processes
- lists strategic, tactical and operational processes
- provides examples of process workflows.


The standard follows the DS/EN/ISO 9000 family of standards for quality management systems and provides specific guidance on the concepts and use of a process-based approach in connection with facility management.


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DS/EN 15221-6: Area and Space Measurement in Facility ManagementDS/EN 15221-6: Area and Space Measurement in Facility Management

The standard establishes a common basis for planning and design, area and space management, financial assessment as well as a tool for benchmarking in the field of facility management.


The standard covers area and space measurement for existing owned or leased buildings as well as buildings in state of planning or development.


It presents a framework for measuring floor areas within buildings and areas outside of buildings. In addition, it contains clear terms and definitions as well as methods for measuring horizontal areas and volumes in buildings and/or parts of buildings, independent of their function.


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DS/EN 15221-7: Facility Management - Guidelines for Performance Benchmarking

This standard gives guidelines for performance benchmarking and contains clear terms and definitions as well as methods for benchmarking facility management products and services.


The standard establishes a common basis for benchmarking facility management costs, floor areas and environmental impacts as well as service quality, satisfaction and productivity.


This European standard is applicable to Facility Management as defined in DS/EN 15221-1 and detailed in DS/EN 15221-4.


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DS/EN ISO 41001: Facility Management — Management systems — Requirements with guidance for use

This standard specifies the requirements for a facility management system (FM) so that an organization can:


- demonstrate effective and efficient delivery of FM services that supports the demands and objectives of customers
- demonstrate consistent fulfillment of the needs of interested parties and applicable requirements.
- demonstrate sustainability in a globally competitive environment.


The requirements specified in this document are non-sector-specific and are intended to be applicable to all organizations or parts thereof, whether public or private, and regardless of the type, size and nature of the organization or geographical location.

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DS/EN ISO 41012: Facility Management — Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements

This standard provides guidance on the conclusion and development of agreements in facility management (FM).


The standard highlights:


- essential elements in FM sourcing processes
- FM roles and responsibilities in sourcing processes
- development processes and structures of typical agreement models.


This document is applicable for:


- strategic processes related to service and support functions for the core business
- development of FM strategies
- development of facility service provision agreements covering both public and private agreements
- Development of FM information systems
- FM education and research
- organizational development and re-engineering of core processes


The standard also gives guidance on:


- types of agreement
- development, structure and contents of agreements
- clarification of definitions, where relevant.


The standard uses a methodical approach from a strategic level to an operational level with examples and checklists. The intention of using this sourcing approach is to contribute significantly to adding value and optimizing the operational costs for FM professionals and procurement, finance and senior management teams.

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DS/INF 222-1: Procurement - Referencing standards in procurement in Europe

This guide describes the use of standards for the provision of goods, services and civil engineering works that are provided under the Danish Public Procurement Act.


It clarifies requirements for how to make reference to standards in connection with drawing up the technical specifications and what is to be understood by the standards referred to in section 41 (1) (2) of the Public Procurement Act.


The guidance touches briefly on the relation to section 43 on the use of standards, section 47 on test reports from conformity assessment bodies and section 48 on other appropriate documentation.


The document provides guidance in the field of procurement when reference is made to standards in one or more parts of the tender process.


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DS/ISO 37500: Guidance on outsourcing

This standard covers the main phases, processes and governance aspects of outsourcing, independent of size and sectors of industry and commerce. It is intended to provide a good foundation to enable organizations to enter into, and continue to sustain, successful outsourcing agreements.


Standards give guidance on:


- good outsourcing governance for the mutual benefit of client and provider;
- flexibility of outsourcing agreements, accommodating changing business requirements;
- identifying risks involved with outsourcing;
- enabling mutually beneficial collaboration relationships.


This standard is intended to relate to any outsourcing relationship, whether outsourcing for the first time or not, using a single-provider or multi-provider model, or draft agreements based on services or outcomes. Processes mentioned in this International Standard are intended to be tailored to fit the specific outsourcing strategy and maturity of the client and provider organizations.


This international standard is intended to be used by companies, providers and others, such as:


- decision makers and their empowered representatives
- all stakeholders engaged in facilitating the creation and/or management of outsourcing arrangements
- staff at all levels of experience in outsourcing.


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