ISO 50001 Energy management

Energy management ISO 50001 ensures systematism, quality, management focus and momentum in the organization's energy and climate efforts. The payoff is better overview, monitoring of efforts, increased competencies and momentum in terms of optimizing and reducing energy consumption.

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Energy Management is a well-documented and systematic way to reduce a company's energy consumption.

The key elements of ISO 50001 - energy management:

  • Energy policy
    Management must commit to continuously working on improvements. It is absolutely essential that management adopts an energy policy and an objective for energy work.
  • Planning
    During the planning phase, energy consumption is mapped out. Energy projects are to be identified, and objectives and action plans are set.
  • Implementation and operation
    Resources are allocated, projects are implemented, energy-efficient purchases are made in relation to operation and maintenance.
  • Check and correct
    It is important to check energy work continuously by measuring, monitoring, and following up on deviations with corrective actions.
  • Management review
    A vital element of energy management is management's annual review. This helps to anchor the work in the organization and helps to ensure momentum. Management must initiate continuous improvements.

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What are the benefits of energy management - ISO 50001?

  • Minimizes energy consumption and costs in the organization. It makes funds available for other activities
  • Energy management helps to reduce CO2 emissions locally. The organization thus contributes to finding a solution to a global environmental problem
  • The organization can work focused and systematically to comply with the climate policy objectives
  • An effective tool for monitoring in relation to objectives for energy and climate work and observing deviations.

What can Danish Standards do for you?

Dansk Standard offers you targeted advice on energy management. We assist you all the way from start to finish or to the extent you want. We advise municipalities, the state and companies on how to make the most of energy management. Today, Danish Standards is cooperating with several companies to introduce energy management.  For example, we help to set policies, goal description, identify applicable legal requirements, organize caretaker courses and develop tools.

In cooperation with you, we can identify what it takes for you to have an energy management system. We draw on our professional knowledge of ISO 50001, which we have developed in cooperation with the other European standardization organizations. ISO 50001 is organized as a management standard and can be easily adapted if you already have a quality and management system, such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001.