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ISO 26000 - Corporate Social Responsibility

Working strategically and structured in the field of social responsibility generates a profit. However, proper documentation of the work requires goal-oriented tools and guidance to create visibility of the performance.

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What is ISO 26000?

CSR is a concept used by an increasing number of Danish companies. However, companies are not always aware of their exact contribution to CSR. Therefore, companies neither use their work strategically in relation to business development nor get their contribution communicated to the rest of the world.

The international standard, ISO 26000, may serve as a tool for providing companies with structure and mapping current and potential CSR activities. In addition, the standard helps to ensure that companies cover every aspect of CSR, prioritize the contribution and define company goals and action plans. 

The international standard ISO 26000 and the Danish DS 49001 on social responsibility provide your company with a systematic basis for your involvement in social responsibility, including the following areas:

  • Management
  • Human rights
  • Working conditions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Proper business practice
  • Customer relations
  • Local social developments and inclusion.

The Danish DS 49001 also gives companies with the opportunity to become certified in their CSR work.


How will you benefit from ISO 26000?

The benefit of using ISO 26000 is that the standard can be customized to the company’s needs and can be applied in various ways, depending on how far the company has come in its CSR work. For instance, the standard can be utilized to implement a materiality analysis or to identify and prioritize stakeholders. The standard can be used as a guidance for companies’ strategic development, objectives and action plans within CSR. It is valuable because the company’s CSR work typically moves from merely affecting different ad hoc activities to actually creating a strategic platform in the company and disclosing where the CSR performance contributes the most to the business.


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How can Danish Standards help you?

We can provide guidance throughout the process of implementing CSR. Together with you, we can

  • Map and prioritize performance areas
  • Identify and involve stakeholders
  • Set up objectives and prepare action plans
  • Draw up procedures and other documentation
  • Communicate your performance

If you have a management system already, e.g. within quality (ISO 9001) or the environment (ISO 14001), we can help you integrate DS 49001 on social responsibility in your current system. You can be certified within social responsibility in accordance with the Danish standard DS 49001 that builds on ISO 26000. We will guide you and your company to become certified.

The standard guides you to

  • Focus on risks and opportunities
  • Get a stronger reputation
  • Enhance stakeholder relations
  • Obtain control of every aspect of the value chain from suppliers to customers
  • Improve the ability to recruit, motivate and keep employees
  • Save costs via increased productivity and resource efficiency