ISO 14001 Environmental management

Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 provides you and your company with a management tool that supports the sustainability focus. Moreover, it provides a framework for your company’s performance as regards enhancing the company’s environmental effort.

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What is ISO 14001?

Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 enables you to evaluate the risk of your company’s environmental circumstances, proactively implement environment and sustainability as part of the company’s core business and ensures top management that the company’s sustainability goals will be achieved.

By means of ISO 14001, your company’s efforts within sustainability, circular economy and the UN’s SDGs can become more specific and contribute to reaching your performance goals.

You get the opportunity to focus on the most essential environmental circumstances in the company, ensuring a reduction of environmental impact and a continuation of environmental improvements.


Susan Redder Bruun
Susan Redder Bruun Chefkonsulent | Chief Consultant
Public Affairs, Fondssekretariat & Compliance
T: 39 96 62 15

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ISO 14001 and the United Nation’s SDGs

Working with the UN’s SDGs can be a strategic direction for a business. An environmental management system helps structuring the work so you can focus and prioritize the essential goals and communicate your results.


Five fruitful recommendations when working with 14001

  1. It is fundamental to work with the desired results of the company’s management system. What fundamental practices should the system support?
  2. Environmental conditions should be seen and worked with in a life-cycle perspective. Your company should respond to both direct and indirect environmental impacts.
  3. It is important that you create a culture with focus on continuing improvements.
  4. The pivot of an environmental management system is risk management, with respect to both strategic and operational challenges and opportunities within the environmental field.
  5. Evaluation of company performance and follow-ups are key and the foundation for developing and improving your sustainability effort.


In need of help, competence development or feedback?

We help private and public companies and organizations. Get professional feedback and guidance about the implementation of environmental management or learn about opportunities for development and improvement of existing systems.

Susan Redder Bruun, chief consultant and head of Quality and Environment at Danish Standard, has more than 20 years of experience within teaching and business development. Over the last couple of years, Susan has advised Danish companies about their quality and environmental management, e.g. the Danish Medicines Agency, Pressalit, Cobham Satco and the Danish Patient Safety Authority. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Susan at