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Finding the standard you need can sometimes be difficult. Our information centre can answer questions about all types of standards (standards implemented by Danish Standards as well as foreign standards), certification schemes, EU directives or other legislation, and questions regarding CE marking.


We can help you find

  • standards suited to your needs
  • standards applying to your area
  • the relationship of standards to other standards
  • specialists to help you with the further process.

We are pleased to assist in your search for foreign standards, i.e. standards not implemented in Denmark; in the case of extended searches, however, we charge an hourly rate.

CE marking and directives

We can answer these questions:

  • Which standards are relevant for your product?
  • How to get started with the CE marking process?
  • How to proceed with and accomplish the CE marking?
  • Which authorities and authorised bodies to approach?
  • Who can advise you?

WTO Enquiry Point

We also undertake the function of national WTO Enquiry Point. This could be by referring you to the relevant authority or advising you on relevant standards and basic legislative documents.  We publish national regulations that could cause an obstacle to international trade.

If, as a Danish manufacturer, you want to export to other countries, we shall be pleased to pass on your contact details to WTO Enquiry Points in other countries.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.


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