Service standards

Here you will find an overview of existing service standards to help you identify your services, specify your demands and enter into service agreements.

Service standards

The overviews of these standards are not 100%. There may be standards other than those mentioned here that may be of interest to you. In addition, there are several service standards in the pipe and new initiatives are being planned.

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Facility Management

Standards for procurement and purchasing, outsourcing, and the development, conclusion and management of facility management agreements, etc.

Cleaning services

Standards and guidelines on quality management, procurement and recommendations for measuring systems for cleaning agreements, etc.

Caretaking and premises support

Quality management standards, common definitions and general guidelines for all types of maintenance and maintenance management, etc.

Maintenance service

Standards and guidelines for establishing and assessing cleaning quality as well as tenders, outsourcing, contracting and management of maintenance agreements and civil engineering works, etc.

IT services

Standards and guidelines for requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of a service management system (SMS), etc.


Standards on tendering and procurement, outsourcing, contracting and management of agreements, and guidance for public procurement of assistive products and architects who are to design bathrooms for residential care houses or hospitals, etc.


Standards and guidelines for the overall experience of the tourist. Both individual players and complete destinations are provided with a number of tools to work systematically and purposefully with quality and service levels and the availability and use of the built environment.

Events, fairs, exhibitions

Standards for design criteria and management requirements for spectator facilities and design requirements for the layout and use of separating elements and telescopic stands for permanent or temporary spectator facilities. In addition, guidelines for management systems for sustainable events are also available.

Other services

Standards for: Funeral services, pest management services, interpreting services, machine translation systems, and guidance for public procurement of assistive products and architects to design bathrooms in residential care houses or hospitals.