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Standards for: Funeral services, pest management services, interpreting services, machine translation systems, and guidance for public procurement of assistive products and architects to design bathrooms in residential care houses or hospitals.

Service standards
DS/EN 15017: DS/EN 15017 Funeral services – Requirements

In this standard, the requirements for suppliers of funeral services are listed. 

The standard includes: education, transport, facilities, advisory services, and care of the deceased for both burial and cremation services.


The standard is relevant to all funeral professionals:


- funeral homes
- funeral-related services at cemeteries
- crematoria
- as well as any other person(s) providing funeral services of any kind.


This document does not apply to product-related technical requirements, nor are occupational health and safety requirements covered by this document.


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DS/EN 16636: Pest management services - Requirements and competences

This European Standard specifies the requirements for pest management services and competences to be met by professional pest management service providers to protect public health, assets and the environment.


The standard applies to those who have the responsibility for delivering pest management services, including the assessment, recommendation and subsequent execution of the defined control and prevention procedures.


The requirements are designed to apply to any service provider whose activity falls within this scope and are targeted to suitable methods against pests.


This European Standard does not apply to:


- field crop protection
- routine cleaning and disinfection associated with regular contract cleaning services.


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DS/ISO 18587: Translation services - Post-editing of machine translation output - Requirements

 Machine translation Systems (MT) are used to translate text to be carried out within a very tight time frame or with a reduced budget. Many translation services providers (TSPs) and clients have come to realize that the use of ​such systems is a viable solution.


However, an MT translation does not have a quality level as a translation carried out by competent translators. Therefore, the final quality of the translation output still depends on human translators and, for this purpose, their competence in post-editing.


This standard provides requirements for the manual process that begins upon the delivery of the MT output and the beginning of human process, known as post-editing, as well as competency requirements.


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DS/ISO 18841: Interpreting services – General Requirements and recommendations

This standard specifies basic requirements for the provision of interpreting services. Additionally, it provides recommendations of good practice.


This standard responds to the need to provide general service requirements for the provision of high-quality interpreting services. It provides requirements and recommendations for the delivery of spoken and signed communication across languages and societal contexts.


NOTE - Interpreting specializations/specialized interpreting services may be addressed in other international standards (e.g. DS/ISO 20228:2019 - Interpreting services - Legal interpreting - Requirements).


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DS Handbook 55: Guidelines for purchasing bath and toilet aids

This guide is a useful tool for e.g. public purchasers of assistive products and architects who are to design bathrooms for residential care buildings or hospitals. It provides an overview of the areas of DS/ISO 17966:2016, Assistive products for use in personal hygiene – Requirements and test methods, to be taken into consideration by purchasers when specifying requirements in e.g. a tender. At the same time, the guide makes it easier to compare the different providers of assistive products.


The guide can also be used by therapists, installers and manufacturers who would like to know more about the information they need to communicate to the users of a product.


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