85% believe that standards create confidence and security for customers

In our everyday lives, we don’t often realize that there are standards everywhere – even though many of them have a major impact on us. Standards are of benefit to trade and industry, consumers and society.

What can standards do for your business?

Standards are a lingua franca, which is spoken all over the world and helps us understand things in the same way. This means that we can be sure that what we collaborate on or buy from each other matches expectations – whether this is between businesses, authorities or consumers.

For example, it is nice to have clear lines when working across borders. Standards are used worldwide, so a customer in Bahrain or Brazil can easily get an overview of the quality and characteristics of a product by using standards. Similarly, a Danish company can safely buy products produced abroad.

Foto: Adam Birkett
Foto: Ryoji Iwata

What is a standard?

Standards are common guidelines for everything from quality and safety to product specifications and good workflows that provide access to new markets, better competitive power, higher productivity and internationalization to name a few examples.


Participate in standardization

Network groups that set the standard for the future.

Competitiveness, competence development and influence on future market requirements are benefits to be gained from participating in Danish Standards’ committees. It gives a unique insight into what is moving in your industry and a strong network of, among others, managers and product managers. The committee allows entire industries to meet and discuss the standards of the future and together find a direct path to greater international influence.


What is CE-marking

Do you need help getting started with CE marking? Or do you have a CE marked product and have questions about the requirements related to the CE mark? Then Danish Standards can help.

Management systems standards

Management systems

Today, most companies have to some degree systematized management and administration of the company. Many use a management system as a point of departure for such systematization.

Standard Distribute

Easy access to standards

Standard Distribute is an online library where all companies’ standards are kept centrally and can be found according to individual needs.