Monitoring of Danish standards

You can choose to have us keep track of either single standards or a whole subject group of standards.

Whichever you choose, you can receive the standards automatically or just get a message in your inbox when new standards are available.

Monitoring of single standards

In case you prefer us to keep track of single standards for you, you can choose monitoring of the standards you know and use in your work. This is relevant if you use different types of standards.

Monitoring of subject groups

In case you need to keep track of standards published in your area of interest, monitoring of a whole subject group of standards would be appropriate. Then you will be certain always to have the most recent standards in your area, e.g. playground equipment or electrotechnology.


If you choose to have the standards sent to you automatically, you can receive them in either paper format or as a PDF file in your inbox.


Monitoring of standards is free of charge. However, if you choose to have standards sent to you automatically, you will be requested to pay for the standard when you receive it.

How to get started

Whether you choose to subscribe to single standards or subject groups, getting started is easy.

Subscribe to single standards

If you already have a list of standards you use in your daily work, you can send us the list. Then will be review the list for any outdated standards and notify you of relevant news. You also have the option of finding the relevant standards yourself on our webshop using the "search and buy" function. Please just remember to register as a web user and mark that you want a standards subscription.

Subscribe to subject groups

If you want to subscribe to a group of standards within the same subject group, this is also possible on our webshop. The subject groups are divided into three levels, and for each level the subject becomes increasingly specified. The subject groups on levels 2 and 3 allow you to click on to an overview of the standards related to each of the groups.


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