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How to get to Danish Standards

We are located at Göteborg Plads 1, DK-2150 Nordhavn (district in Copenhagen).

We have chosen to call our new house the House of Standards – an “experimentarium” for standards. This is where standards are developed and where Danish Standards, being the only Danish standards body, has its domicile. It is also here you can learn and experience what standards consist of and how they create value for Danish trade and industry. Not only will we develop standards here in our new premises at Nordhavn, but we will also show customers, committee members, citizens and other interested parties how standards are a big part of our community, locally as well as globally. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the House of Standards.

Directions to Danish Standards

Danish Standards is located in Nordhavn - the new waterfront city district in Copenhagen. The area is being transformed from an active industrial port into a modern residential and business Quarter.

Dansk Standard
Göteborg Plads 1
2150 Nordhavn
Phone: +45 39966101

Please note that the above address is not included in all online map services. Therefore, if you have any problems locating the address please use "sandkaj" instead, which is the former name of the street.

Click on the map below to get directions via Google Maps.


Meetings at Danish Standards

In order for you to feel welcome in Copenhagen, we have collected a couple of helpful travel tips for you.