Your work on the committee

At Danish Standards we are standardization experts, and we facilitate the process. Our core product is standards. But we do not make the standards ourselves – the users do.

Once your committee work has begun, you will contribute to defining the contents of the standards. The work is carried out in connection with committee meetings, where decisions are made based on the broadest consensus possible. Therefore, the process at the meetings where discussions and presentation of professionally founded arguments take place is the alpha and omega of achieving the best outcome in the final standard.

Your role on the committee is to:

  • participate in discussions and provide argumentation
  • develop the strategy, focus, and key issues of the committee
  • consider comments in connection with public consultation
  • prepare proposals for consultation responses
  • report to the other committee members after participation in international meetings
  • contribute to communicating the work of the committee and the standards.

Danish Standards facilitates the work of the committee, and a regular consultant from Danish Standards participates in all meetings of the committee. The consultant ensures that you are always well informed, receive notifications of meetings, minutes, etc. It is also the consultant from Danish Standards who equips relevant committee members for joint representation at meetings abroad.

Contact us

Mads Nørregård
Mads Nørregård Teamleder | Teamleader
T: 39 96 61 33
Tobias Klithammer Larsen
Tobias Klithammer Larsen Konsulent | Consultant
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