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Standard Distribute gives you and your colleagues electronic access to standards in one system.

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What is Standard Distribute?

Standard Distribute is an online library where all companies’ standards are kept centrally and can be found according to individual needs. With Standard Distribute, you will not only have the possibility to search your company's own electronic collection of standards, you will also automatically have access to search among all Danish implemented standards (e.g. DS/EN 1991, DS/EN ISO 9001, DS/ISO 55000). If you find a standard that is not in your company’s collection, you can buy it in the system and have it delivered immediately in Standard Distribute.

You get

  • certainty that important documents are always applicable and accessible
  • time saved on administration
  • efficient cooperation across departments and country borders.

Standard Distribute provides you with:

  • Electronic access to Danish implemented full-text standards (e.g. DS/EN 1991, DS/EN ISO 9001, DS/ISO 55000)
  • Seven pages preview of all Danish implemented standards
  • Automatic notices about new standards, amendments and corrigenda
  • A webshop function
  • A full-text search function
  • A folder structure
  • The possibility to add your own notes to paragraphs in the standard
  • The possibility to add your own documents
  • A Danish and English version of the system.

Foreign standards
If foreign standards are needed for your work (standards not implemented in Denmark), you can also gain access to these through Standard Distribute.

We work continuously on new agreements with our foreign cooperation partners to be able to offer more foreign standards through Standard Distribute. 

We can supply from these partners:

  • ISO and IEC standards (international standards not implemented in Denmark)
  • ASTM standards (American standards)
  • BS standards (British standards)
  • DIN standards (German standards)
  • SS standards (Swedish standards).

Standard Distribute sales team
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