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At Danish Standards we are contacted by an increasing number of businesses and students who demand basic knowledge of standards and standardization. For this purpose, we have compiled a range of materials that can be used in education.

At present, only a few educational courses include standards and standardization in their curriculum, so very few graduates have a knowledge of standards and standardization. Hence, we offer you to use the various materials developed by Danish Standards, so that you can incorporate knowledge about standards and standardization into your teaching.

Below you will find an overview of the range of materials we make available and which you are welcome to use. 

Textbook and educational resources in English 

Standardization games 

Danish Standards has developed two educational games about the standardization process, including a game manual for use in the classroom. The teacher’s manual and the cards for the game are in English. However, the brief version of the rules of the game is in Danish and is also included in the game package. The games can be ordered in our web shop.


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