ISO 56006 Innovation management — Tools and methods for strategic intelligence management

Continuously changing environments, technologies and regulations are just a few of the many factors that an organization needs to consider. ISO 56006 provides tools for strategic intelligence management that help organizations respond to changes in their environment.

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What is ISO 56006?

ISO 56006 is an international innovation management standard providing tools and methods for strategic intelligence management. The standard offers guidelines for strategic intelligence in innovation management, thereby helping organizations establish efficient processes to optimise the use of information.

Why work with innovation management?

Our dynamic and unstable world requires strategic managers to apply knowledge, information and analysis when they define the strategy for their organization and its innovation activities. Based on efficient analysis and use of information, organizations and enterprises can respond efficiently to changes in their environment thereby gaining a competitive advantage. Organizations and enterprises can use the standard for a number of purposes, including implementing a structured approach to problem solving and predicting risks and uncertainty.

Who can work with ISO 56006?

Strategic intelligence is cross-disciplinary and cross sectorial in nature. Therefore the standard can be used by all organisations and enterprises. ISO 56006 is not limited to innovation activities but is applicable to all areas where knowledge is required for strategic decision making and subsequent actions.

Benefits of working with ISO 56006

  • ISO 56006 on innovation management can help organizations and enterprises optimise their response to changes in their environment to obtain a competitive advantage.
  • The standard helps enterprises develop a strategy in the field of strategic intelligence management to support their innovation activities and initiatives.
  • It provides organizations and enterprises with guidelines for strategic intelligence in the field of innovation management.
  • The standard helps users apply tools and methods in strategic intelligence management.

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