Get the Danish annexes to Eurocodes – free of charge

13. May 2014

Get the Danish annexes to Eurocodes – free of charge

If you are to use Eurocodes for buildings and bridges in Denmark, you will need the associated Danish annexes. You can download them here, free of charge.

The Danish annexes are the key to using Eurocodes in Denmark in the design of buildings as well as bridges. The Danish national annexes for building structures have been prepared by a standards committee of Danish Standards in collaboration with the Danish Energy Agency. The annexes for the design of bridges have been prepared by Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark) and the Road Directorate. 

You can download the annexes here. 

What are national annexes?
In connection with Eurocodes, nationally determined values can be used. Such values are stated in the national annexes. All EU countries are required to draw up their own national annexes which will apply in their respective countries. 

A Eurocode should therefore always be used in combination with the associated national annex (NA). If a Danish national annex to a Eurocode does not exist, the user has to ensure that the general requirements along with the associated Danish national annex have been fulfilled.


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