Standardization activities and coronavirus (COVID-19)

09. June 2020

Standardization activities and coronavirus (COVID-19)

How does the coronavirus affect Danish and international standardization activities?

Meetings in Denmark

To limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) planned meetings will be held by telephone or online to the extent possible in the near future. This applies to all meetings - international, European as well as national meetings - which are scheduled to be held at Danish Standards.

Everyone who should have attended a meeting or another event at Danish Standards in the coming weeks will be informed of the specific changes.

Meetings abroad


CEN-CENELEC has decided that all meetings planned until 30 June shall take place virtually and, if this is not practicable, be postponed until after that date.

CEN-CENELEC generally encourages that the technical work is continued to the greatest possible extent, but agrees to the possibility of delaying work items for up to 3 months.

The CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) located in Brussels is closed until 30 June and all employees are working online.


ETSI encourages that technical meetings are held virtually and that the work continues unchanged.

The ETSI headquarters at Sophia Antipolis will be closed until 31 August and in France large public gatherings are banned until July.


IEC encourages members to hold virtual meetings to the greatest possible extent but has prepared a pragmatic plan for a gradual return to full onsite operations at IEC CO in Geneva. Read more here:

Decisions on whether or not technical meetings should be postponed, moved to another geographic location, or converted into virtual meetings, are made in close dialogue between the host of the meeting and the TC Chairman/Secretariat.

Read more and see a list of the current situation for technical meetings here:


ISO extends their current measures until 30 September, which means that all meetings will continue to be held virtually or postponed until after that date.

TMB, the ISO Technical Management Board, will allow various special arrangements for the technical work, if necessary. For more details, see ISO Connect (for members):


Information on the virtual meeting platform ZOOM:
CEN-CENELEC, ISO and IEC all use the virtual meeting platform ZOOM.

ZOOM has faced security and privacy issues. Consequently, both ISO and IEC have been in close dialogue with ZOOM and their CEO to ensure that the programme is updated and security enhanced.

If Danish participants are prevented from using ZOOM, you are advised to agree with the Chairman or host of the relevant international meetings whether another solution can be used, or whether you can use stand-alone PCs or tablets to access ZOOM. Please note that it is not necessary to download ZOOM to attend a meeting.

In case you need to access ZOOM, it is always recommended that you have the latest version of ZOOM on your PC. Version 5.0 has just been released: download the latest version.

See guidelines on the CEN-CENELEC website, where you can also find more information on:

  • ZOOM usage restrictions by some companies/organisations
  • Zoom security and privacy
  • CEN-CENELEC security settings
  • General security recommendations

IEC also has a dedicated website with information and guidance on virtual meetings:

For more details on ZOOM and security configurations, IEC has compiled all information here:

Attention is drawn to the fact that CEN-CENELEC, ISO and IEC cooperate closely to resolve the challenges of ZOOM so that it can become a secure tool for all users.

Links to the guidelines and instructions of the Danish authorities

Find guidelines from the Danish Health Authority here:

And the travel instructions from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which are updated on a regular basis, here:

Updates and questions

We will keep you updated on this site with information about any new measures taken by the international standardization organizations or the Danish authorities.

If you have any questions related to meetings that were to be held in Denmark, but which are now to be held by telephone or online, please do not hesitate to contact the standardization consultant responsible for your committee.