Monitoring of harmonized standards and related directives

Monitoring of harmonized standards and related directives

If your product is to be CE marked, it may be a good idea to follow harmonized standards and the related directives.

If your product complies with the harmonized standards, you have the right to presume that your products also conform to the requirements of the directives. However, there is no guarantee that a standard will remain harmonized. And when new harmonized standards become available, it is necessary to get the maximum time to adapt to the new changes. Therefore, it may be a good idea to have Danish standards monitor the harmonization.


What are the benefits of monitoring?

In the case of CE marking, in particular, where directives as well as harmonized standards are of such great importance for the CE marking process, it is particularly important to be up to date with developments. This is why it also makes good sense to let Danish Standards monitor the harmonized standards as well as the directives:

  • You save time
  • You are kept up to date with legislation and harmonized standards;
  • You get a comprehensive overview of the directives and the harmonized standards;
  • You can focus on adapting to the new standards and directives.


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This is how monitoring of harmonized standards works

Harmonized standards

Monitoring of harmonized standards means, in effect, that it is the harmonization that is monitored. You get:

  1. a message when a specific standard has ceased to be harmonized
  2. a message when new harmonized standards are added to a directive
  3. an overview of all changes to the list of harmonized standards where there may be a time limit
  4. access to the current list of harmonized standards.

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When you subscribe to monitoring of directives, you will receive

  1. a message when changes to your directives have been made
  2. online access to the directive and its changes in PDF format
  3. opportunity to get help in understanding the text of the directive.

We offer monitoring of a number of product-oriented directives. See the overview of directives.