Management systems

What is a management system?

We have management systems for everything from environmental and energy management to information security and innovation management. The most widely used management system is ISO 9001 for quality management, used by more than one million organizations worldwide.

ISO's management systems help organizations improve their performance by streamlining the steps or actions that are frequently repeated, and that have been introduced into the organization to help achieve its objectives.

These can include objectives linked to a variety of subjects such as product or service quality, operational effectiveness, environmental performance, health and safety at work, and many more.

Helping hand to small organizations as well as large, complex organizations

For many organizations, particularly SMEs, implementing a good management system means having a clear set of operations and providing each employee with a clear definition of their role and how they contribute to the overall objectives of the organization.

In more complex organizations that need a system for documenting processes, e.g. companies operating in heavily regulated sectors, management standards are also a great tool for documenting processes, risks and solutions to the risks. ISO’s management standards offer internationally recognized systems which can also help organizations in areas where there is a need for extensive documentation and control to meet their obligations.

Get a system based on best practice

In general, management systems enable organizations to document their quality, their approach to environmental issues, work environment, energy consumption, food safety, and much more. Management systems therefore document that the company has everything under control based on a certified management system.

ISO's management systems are based on a consensus of best practice. Implementing one of ISO's management systems enables you to create an organizational culture which, through increased employee awareness, commitment and management, continuously evaluates itself, corrects and improves actions and processes, and in this way keeps itself up to date and effective.


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Types of management systems

Management systems are available for everything from environmental and energy management to information security and innovation management. The most widespread management system is ISO 9001 for quality management, which is used by more than a million companies worldwide.

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