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Danish Standards works with standardization organizations all over the world to develop the best possible standards for a global market.

Danish Standards is the official national standardization organization in Denmark and is a member of the European and international standardization organizations ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC and ETSI.



ISO is the largest international standardization organization with 164 national member organizations worldwide. ISO facilitates the development of global standards that advance international trade of goods and services. ISO’s preparation of international standards often results in the standards becoming European standards as well.

An example of an ISO-standard that is also a European one is the DS/EN/ISO 9000 family – consisting of several standards for quality management.

Danish Standards is an active member of ISO and is responsible for the secretariats for the technical committees for food safety and medical hypodermic syringes.

ISO manages all standardization areas expect telecommunication and electro technique, which is managed respectively by ITU and IEC. 

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IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission

IEC is the international electrotechnical standardization organization. About 84 member states participate in the organizations work, which is to manage the electrotechnical standardization on an international level. The field of IEC varies from explosive atmospheres and smart cities to electronic household appliances. IEC also offers a global certification system for electric/electronic products and systems.

IEC National Committee (NC)-secretariat in Denmark is managed by Torben Dalsgaard and Maria Skou. Managed

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CEN – European Committee for Standardization

CEN develops European standards and works to advance voluntary, technical harmonization in Europe. When European standards are passed, they automatically become applicable in all European member states. There are 35 members in CEN. The members are the national standardizations organizations. Danish Standards is an active member of CEN and takes part in developing many different European standards. For example, Danish Standards has been active within the newer standardization area Artificial Intelligence and has been at the head of the table during the formulation of a European vision for future standardization work.

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CENELEC – European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization

CENELEC is the European electrotechnical standardization organization and is responsible for standardization within the electrotechnical disciplines. This includes various fields such as electrics, electric energy supply systems and electric household and consumer products.

More than 75 % of CENELEC’s standards come from the international electrotechnical committee, IEC. There are 35 members of CENELEC. The members are the national standardization organizations.

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ETSI – European Telecommunications Standards Institute

ETSI is the newest European standardization organization and was established in 1988 at the behest of the European Commission to set telecommunications standards across Europe. Today, ETSI's portfolio is broader and includes information technologies, e.g. within Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence.

ETSI-administrator for Denmark: Marika Vindbjerg

Administrator Responsible for Danish Standards’ ETSI-membership: Maria Skou


Maria Skou
Maria Skou Direktør | Director
International Policy and Public Affairs
T: 39 96 61 90
Torben Dalsgaard
Torben Dalsgaard Chefkonsulent | Chief Consultant
International & EU Politik
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Pouline Terpager
Pouline Terpager Afdelingschef | Head of Department
International & EU Politik
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Marika Vindbjerg
Marika Vindbjerg Seniorkonsulent | Senior Consultant
Standardisering | El, Sundhed & Forbruger
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