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What is a certification?

And what does it take to be certified? And why get certified? These are some of the questions asked by many when they hear about certification and standards.

Not all standards are available for certification; however, a significant number of standards are. The benefit of being certified to a standard is that customers and interested parties will know that your organization complies with a specific standard, which lead to greater confidence in the organization. Some organizations even require that collaborators are certified to particular standards, e.g. management standards from ISO, because it provides some assurance that the company’s processes are optimized and quality assured and at the same time it shows a high degree of competence and skill.

Who can certify us?

Danish Standards offers consultancy services in the application and implementation of management standards within information securityquality managementenvironmental management and energy management – also in connection with certifications. But we do not certify organizations. Other accredited companies offer this service.

Find a list of accredited companies, and the standards to which they offer certification, on DANAK’s website: Find an accredited company

Courses in certifiable standards

Danish Standards offers courses in several of the certifiable management standards, which can help you get started implementing and applying the standard:

What does it cost to become certified?

The price of the certification depends on the standard. Next, prices vary from company to company and depend on size, type of production, number of sites etc. A good idea is to collect offers from more than one certification company.

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