21 June 2024 - 9:30 – 15:00

Young Professionals Workshop

Are you a young professional interested in product innovation and development? If so, join our free Young Professionals workshop where you will gain knowledge about standardization and how standards are a valuable strategic tool.

Overview of the workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to give young people the opportunity to learn about standards and standardization and gain knowledge about how the requirements of the future markets are defined in the formal standardization organizations.

That's what you gain from participating in the workshop

  • You will gain knowledge about how international standards are developed.
  • You will learn how standards are a valuable strategic tool.
  • You will meet and interact with other young professionals.
  • You will participate in group activities simulating the discussion in a working group within an imaginary organization of standardization.
  • Participants will receive a Diploma and free membership in a standardization committee for a trial period of 1 ½ years.


Young technicians/engineers/PhD students (no older than 35 years) employed at a Danish company or a PhD student working on a project in a Danish company.

You should have an interest in learning about standards and standardization. 


  • 9:30 Registration at Danish Standards
  • 10:00 Welcome and introduction by DS
  • 10:20 Introduction to standards and standardization
    • Why should Young Professionals be interested in standardization?
    • What are standards and how are standards developed?
    • International standardization and selected topics
  • 11:00 A personal and professional perspective on the benefits of participating in standardization presented by a Young Professional from Denmark
  • 11:20 Presentation of the group activity ‘The Sky is The Limit’
  • 11:30 Negotiation simulation in a technical committee in groups
  • 12:30 Lunch break @ DS canteen
  • 13:15 Presentation of negotiations in the different groups
  • 13:50 Conclusions
  • 14:05 How to get involved in standardization
  • 14:20 Diploma ceremony
  • 14:30 Group photo on the roof top, closure, and farewell

Where does the meeting take place?

Portland Towers, 12th floor, Meeting room 1 and 2
Göteborg Plads 1
2150 Nordhavn
Copenhagen, Denmark


Pernille Arendsdorf Bengtsen
Pernille Arendsdorf Bengtsen Konsulent | Consultant
International & EU Politik
E: pab@ds.dk
T: 39 96 62 23

Hvorfor skal unge mennesker deltage i standardisering?