Diploma training course

Quality Management diploma training course ISO9001 – two days

During this two-day training course, you will be presented with the content of the ISO 9001 quality management systems (QMS) standard.


During this two-day practical training course, you will receive a thorough introduction to the content of the ISO 9001 quality management systems (QMS) standard. Simultaneously, you will learn how to meet the specific requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. The course will give you the knowledge and understanding of how to implement the concept and principles of ISO 9001.

The course will give you the knowledge and understanding of the requirements in the standard; when and how to document information; as well as how to translate different requirements into practical use.

It will take you through the different phases of planning a QMS framework for your organization; develop documentation, set-up controls to monitor the system and loop back for continual improvement of the system.

The ISO 9000-family of standards are developed to help ensure organisations’ business’ quality. ISO 9001 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continual improvement of quality management (QMS).

At the end of day two, an online one-hour multiple choice exam will test your acquired skills. Successful delegates will be awarded the DS ISO/IEC 9001 Diploma.

The ISO 9001 course gives you

  • An overview of quality management and the requirements in the ISO 9001 standard
  • A step-by-step approach to planning a quality management system (QMS) and an understanding of the requirements of the standard in relation to your organisation
  • Tools for preparing, deploying, evaluating and improving a QMS
  • Inspiration on the quality work through quizzes and group exercises
  • Networking with other participants
  • An electronic diploma, that can be shared with your colleagues and social network (upon passing the examination)

Target group

The course is aimed at managers and employees who are working with planning, implementing, managing, maintaining and or improving a quality management system. You could be a quality manager, quality coordinator, auditor or otherwise involved in a quality management system.


Niels Madelung, Chief Consultant at Danish Standards, has 9 years of experience with implementation and creating benefits from quality management in Danish companies. Niels also works with ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security and is otherwise LEAN MANAGER certified.

Susan Redder Bruun, Chief Consultant and Quality and Environment Manager at Danish Standards, has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and business development. In recent years, Susan has advised on quality management in Danish companies. If you have questions about the course, you are welcome to contact Susan at srb@ds.dk

Course programme


  • 09:00 Welcome and introduction
  • 09:15 Basic principles of a quality management system
  • 10:15 Explanation of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • 10:45 Break
  • 11:00 Preparation of implementation
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 13:00 Context of the organization
  • 13:30 Leadership, quality policy and roles and responsibilities
  • 14:30 Break
  • 14:45 Management
  • 15:30 Risks and opportunities
  • 16:15 Summary


  • 09:00 Repetition
  • 09:30 Support functions
  • 10:00 Operation
  • 10:30 Break
  • 10:45 Operation
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 13:30 Monitoring and measurement of the management system
  • 13:30 Internal audits, management review and continual improvements
  • 14:30 Break
  • 14:45 Summary and repetition
  • 15:00 Exam
  • 16:15 Results and feedback